About Crape Myrtles

Northern gardeners have their lilacs and peonies. They’re wonderful plants, but they don’t perform well in the hot Texas climate.

That’s where crape myrtles pick up the pace and brighten our lives from May ’til September. In fact, no flowering shrub in America has as long a blooming season.avarietyoftypes_WEB

Crape myrtles come in all shapes and sizes and they bear five primary flower colors: red, pink, white, lavender and purple. They’re drought-tolerant and, while bothered occasionally by insects or diseases, no pest threatens their lives.

All crape myrtles ask is full or nearly full sunlight and then just basic care and attention.

Click on any of the tabs within this portion of the site and we’ll tell you more about our favorite plant and its history.  Please see our poster with all the varieties.

It’s brand new 2013 POSTER, and it’s highly informative.  A large poster with details of all the known varieties.

The Horticulture Committee of the Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney has recently published a high-quality 14×30-inch colorful poster entitled appropriately Crape Myrtles. It gives, in chart form, every detail of each of the 116 varieties in cultivation in America today. It’s a beautiful and functional reference piece that also features colorful photos of the best varieties.

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