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We invite you to visit McKinney and to tour The Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney.

Our plants begin blooming in late May, and many are still in flower for a third or fourth time into mid-September.

The peak bloom varies, depending on weather, but is usually between June 20 and July 4. Photo Gallery

You will find crape myrtles showcased throughout our city, but the most concentrated plantings will be on Eldorado Parkway between Highway 5 and Ridge Road, also on Hardin Road, Ridge Road, Collin McKinney Parkway and Stonebridge Drive.

The World Collection Park is one-half mile north of TX 121 at 6452 Collin McKinney Parkway (between Stacy and Alma) in Craig Ranch. The park opened in 2011, and the plantings are still comparatively new, but as they mature, they will offer the opportunity to compare all of the known varieties of crape myrtles side-by-side. The park is on 7 acres including the flood plane.  The park is open 7 days a week year ’round. There are no restrooms on-site.

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In 2007 plantings were made on Hardin Drive between Eldorado Parkway and Virginia Parkway, also on McKinney Ranch Road and on Ridge Road between Eldorado Parkway and McKinney Ranch Road.

Additionally, many local businesses have planted crape myrtles in public spaces around the city.

The map below shows the current median plantings of The Crape Myrte Trails of McKinney. They are represented by the yellow street lines.

Watch here for details in upcoming weeks.

Click here for a printable driving tour that identifies varieties along various medians.

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